Some quick tips for today

=”text>Some quick and simple ideas that might save you money and not really take any time to do or don’t cost much money:

– Turn off lights when you leave the room.
– Use lamps with energy bulbs in them rather than the main lights.
– Use energy bulbs.
– Motion senor light outside.
– Wash and reuse plastic sandwich bags.
– Turn off tap when brushing teeth.
– Turn everything off at the wall. Ie; microwave oven – the clocks in older models waste electivity.
– Hang washing out to dry.
– Have a shower rather than a bath.
– Wash in cold water.
– Close curtains when it starts to get dark.
– Open curtains during the day.
– Insulate your hot water cylinder.
– Put an extra blanket on the bed or put on a jersey rather than turn up the heating.
– Pay your bills online or set up APs as you then get discounts and also get the bills sent to you online and you’ll save some trees too.
– Put left overs in plastic containers or in a bowl with a plate on top instead of using glad wrap.
– Use your hot water cupboard for drying clothes.
– Clothes and towels don’t always need to be washed every time you wear/ use them.
– Do full loads in the dishwasher and washing machine. 
Some of these ideas are no brainers as in New Zealand we have loads of these ideas almost drummed into us or they are just normal for our country ie; hang out the washing. 
Some of these ides won’t really save you much or any money but I figure that it’s wasteful to have my cell phone charged plugged in when I’m not using it. I know they don’t use much electricity but it still seems a waste to me to have it plugged in. 
Mr Ecochick doesn’t always remember these things so I’m often walking around the house and turning off lights or unplugging things. Though funny he never seems to complain that things are off and more often than not he now does these things too. I guess as with everything else it’s just habit forming.  
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