Some motherhood truths

Motherhood is one crazy ride. I want to share some things I’ve discovered, experiences, pains and joys. I know everyone is different and I’m sure there are some superhuman mums out there that can do everything and be just super awesome and amazing all of the time. Well I’m not one of those mums.

Warning Gabriel is 12 weeks old and I think I’m slightly sleep deprived so this post is very raw and emotional.

Truth number one; being a mum is fun, exciting, painful, guilt-ridden, frustrating, loving, joyful, excruciating, exhilarating, exhausting, emotional, and amazing. Wow what a crazy number of emotional to feel and often that’s just on Monday.

Sex will not be the same again. Upside smears are easy.

Watching your child sleep is just amazing and no matter what has happened during the day everything is forgotten and your heart breaks at how angelic they look.

Your body will not be the same again and for a while will no longer feel like it’s yours and can be painful to look at in the mirror. You’ll look like a mama kangaroo with your mama pouch.
You now understand why your mother always wore waist high pants. Muffin tops are just not my thing so best hide them.

You’ll have no idea how much you can love such a small person and this brings a whole new meaning to unconditional love. Watch out for mama lion protecting her cubs. Warning DO NOT get in the way or mess with her kids!

Your abdominal muscles spilt and separate during pregnancy. It can hurt but it happens slowly also it takes a while for them rejoin.

When your child smiles at you their whole face and eyes light up and is the most amazing feeling and you can’t help but smile back and try not to cry.

Picking up your child and smelling their backside is not only normal but necessary. Yes eww.

Using the toilet or having a shower on your own is a luxury. Some days having a shower is not a possibility. Even getting out of your pjs sometimes well just doesn’t happen.
Having children around you allows you to see the world as they do all fresh, new and exciting. It’s amazing watching children discover the world around them.

Somehow the rest of the world disappears and your home becomes the centre of the universe. Some days you’ll live in a bubble of happiness, other days one of denial and sometimes moments of hell.

You’ll go to bed feeling guilty about the day and how much you’ve messed your kids up and vow to do better the next day. Come the morning no doubt by early in the morning you’ve already told them off and you’ll feel guilty all over again. Yeah go me.

When you walk out the door and have make up on and nice clothes (which don’t have puke on them) this is a great day and you feel like you can take anything on because today is a great day.
Mostly your children are so much a part of you you can’t imagine your life without them or what you did before they came along or comprehend how much your life has changed in such a short time.

The 3 loves of my life.

To my boys: I love you so so much and I hope that tomorrow may be better than today but I can’t promise that. I can only promise to try to be better and be the best I can be. Most of all I want you to know that no matter what I sometimes say or do I really do love you with all of my heart and never for a second will this change. I love you so much that sometimes my heart hurts and I want to cry.  I would really do anything for you. You are the loves of my life.


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