Some kind of normality?

I don’t know why something as small as painting my toe nails can make me feel so good. Makes me feel almost like a person again. I mean I was generally happy with my body and just LOVED being pregnant. I absolutely loved my pregnancy tummy though not loving the aftermath so much. It’s all worth it for the amazing little son we have but that doesn’t mean I have to like my new body but I’m getting there. I’m slowing getting more exercise done and getting the house more sorted so feelings of normality are coming back.
There is so much to get used to. In the beginning there was just me to worry about and please (well being a daughter and sister as well so never just me I guess always a part of a family). Then there was me as a girlfriend and as part of a couple, then as a wife and now the biggest change of all is being a mother. Looking after this completely helpless little person who looks at you with such trust and love and knowing that you’re caring for them and their future. It’s a huge but exciting change. So painting my toe nails is me taking back some normality. Crazy really how little things can make life feel more normal and in control I guess. I mean it’s about getting used to this new life  It’s an amazing life but it still takes getting used to but I wouldn’t change it for the world!
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