When I was a child we had a sodastream machine. I always thought it was really cool that we could choose the flavour of our own drinks. Since then you didn’t really see sodastream machines around much so I had totally forgotten about them. I was reading about modern sodastreams on nature mom’s blog and starting thinking about buying one for us. They are not very expensive new but I was determined to buy one second hand. As most people know I love to buy things second hand not only to save money but more importantly to buy a product that is already made and not specially made for me. So the hunt was on.
I spent a few weeks looking for a sodastream machine on trade me and was still unsure if I totally wanted to buy one. Then I saw one for only $50 I decided to buy that one. Now that we have one I just love it.
It’s so fantastic that when I feel like having something fizzy I don’t have to go out and buy some, I can just go to the kitchen and whip some up. Sodastream save you a lot of money as one flavour makes 12 litres of soda. There are so many different flavours that you can buy now, they taste great and more importantly these flavours have half the sugar of regular fizz.
Sodastream markets themselves as being “active green” which I just love. The flavour bottles are completely recyclable as are the bottle used to make the fizz. It’s so great that I can drink fizzy and have no extra waste.  Now I think I want a bread maker.     

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