Snow peas!

I was walking around the garden taking photos to show you how all my fruit and veggies were coming along then while I wasn’t looking my snow peas went and produced, well, some snow peas! This is super exciting as I feel like a real gardener now! I know we’ve been eating from our veggie garden since about April but growing spinach, kale and silverbeet is not really real gardening as the leaves just kind of grow and then we eat them but putting in snow peas and watching them grow up the old clothing racks and then flower and turn into peas is so rewarding – I am very proud! 

I’ve even grown some of the snow peas from seed, normally I just buy seedlings as I’m far too impatient to wait for seeds to grow but watching the seeds turning into seedlings is super exciting – I rush out to the veggie plot everyday and check out my seed’s progress! I made Mr Ecochick come out and collect our first harvest together. I believe even this small harvest has paid for itself considering what snow peas costs in the shops! We made stir fry udons with our fresh snow peas – they tasted so good all fresh and crunchy! Can’t wait to see what we can pick next.

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