Slow/ clunky computer?

My beloved computer was running a little slow and clunky so Mr Ecochick cleaned out the spyware. I’m so lucky that I’m married to a super clever man. I figured that this post Mr Ecochick kindly wrote for me might help others save some money or at least save some sanity so your computer can run more smoothly. Enjoy.

Despite best efforts and intentions sometimes spyware and other nasties can get onto your computer. This can look like something simple like a new home page or a new search provider, but these indicate a bigger problem.
At any rate it is a good idea to do the following every couple of months to keep the system clean, or to highlight potential problems. 
  • We are going to be using Lavasoft Adaware to clean the computer, but the steps BEFORE running Adaware improve its ability to remove things.
  • Enable all start up processes. If this sounds like gogglygook then they are probably already enabled. Windows+r (run command), type ‘msconfig’. Select “Normal start up”. Restart computer if you made changes. 
  • Remove addons from your browser. Under Firefox, select Manage Addons. Any items you don’t recognise or are suspicious of remove them. If you accidently remove something you use, you can always reinstall it. 
  • Use Windows Add/Remove programs to attempt to uninstall the programs. Under Windows7, this is in Control Panel, under the “Programs” heading is an item called “Uninstall a Program”. Remove any programs you think look suspicious or you didn’t install. Some will be obvious like “MyWebSearch” others will not. Remember you can always reinstall programs you accidentally deleted. 
  • Download and install Lavasoft’s Adaware. The free version includes all the removal features.   
  • Make sure your browser is closed the entiretime you are running Adaware. This means before and during the scan. 
  • Run Adaware. During the install it should have updated itself, but check that it says “OK” below the update icon. Click the middle “Scan” icon. This will take a while, probably over an hour to complete. Try not to use the computer for anything during this time, and DEFINITELY do not use a browser. 
  • You may get an ‘urgent’ item pop up during the scan, but most will cleaned once the scan is finished. The instructions are clear if this does happen. 
  • Once the scan’s finished reboot the computer.  
This scan can take ages so make sure you don’t want your computer for several hours. Thank you Mr Ecochick. I love being married to a geek!
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