Shower curtain alternatives

I love having a shower. Whenever I’m in a bad mood or upset about something having a shower always makes everything better. Kind of like a good nights sleep. Having showers obviously needs a lot of water and there are ways you can reduce your environmental impact while not giving up any comfort. We have a 5LPM shower head, ceramic tiles, metal bath and a glass shower door.

When we were designing our bathroom we were pretty torn with what to put around the bath to stop the water getting on the floor. We discussed shower curtains but I really hate the way they stick to you when they are wet and mostly they are made of plastic so get moldy quickly and then have to be thrown out. So here are some tips on how you can green your shower curtain.  If you do want to buy a plastic shower curtain buy one made from polyethylene vinyl acetate (PEVA). Below are some other green non plastic options:


Go glass. This is our bathroom with a two part glass door. It looks good, is super durable and keeps the water off my vanity and floor.

green_shower_alternatives There are loads of fabric options such as hemp. This costs much more than a plastic one but will last  much longer and can also be composted at the end of it’s life. So in the long term saving you money and is green.

green_shower_alternatives Other fabric options are cotton, linen, recycled sail cloth, bamboo.

eco_living_nzgreen_shower_alternativesI’m not a fan of plastic and always chose glass over plastic however plastic shower doors are durable and will protect your floors and bathroom. These plastic doors are a much better option than a plastic shower curtain. What do you have in your bathroom?

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