Two weeks worth of food

We go shopping about every 2 to 3 weeks. We find this saves us money and time as shopping can take about an hour so that’s an hour we get back every week. We generally make a shopping list but mainly it’s so  we don’t forget anything rather than to save money.  
We are vegetarian and so don’t buy meat (obviously) so this saves us a lot of money which we can then spend on other  sometimes considered more luxurious items. We buy our dry goods and general items from the supermarket and normally every two weeks we go to the morning market to buy our fresh fruit, veggies and free range eggs.
Friday is normally take aways night (hence all the pizza boxes in our recycling) so that’s one night we don’t cook or need food for.  Though I think the main reason that shopping every few weeks saves us money is that we eat out of the pantry and freezer a lot more. Rather than just buying new food every week. Also we sometimes have to be a bit inventive with our meals if we haven’t been to the supermarket for a few weeks.  

We don’t normally have to go the shops on the off week though we might get speciality goods for dinner i.e. fresh bread or milk. Therefore the only money we really spend on food is the big shop we do once every few weeks. We find that only going to the supermarket every few weeks really works for us and I think it saves us money.    

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