Shopping and the internet

I love, love, LOVE the internet!!! I really don’t know what I would do without it. I mean it has ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING that you could possible want, need or be convinced that you need to have. Not only is it cheaper than the stores; I can shop, buy, pay online and then even better get it delivered to my front door (or back door if I’m not home – might be a little scary that my courier guys know to leave items at my back door if I’m not there. Obsessive much?)! All without leaving my house, getting dressed or having to put make up on. I love shopping in my PJs with a drink in one hand and credit card in the other.

I love the enormous variety that the internet has to offer. I love that I can search a huge number of stores/ web sites and buy items heaps cheaper than going out into the real world. My latest store find is payless pharmacy. I can buy items I would normally need to go to the pharmacy to buy; I can now buy on line and not only is it cheaper but guess what? It is delivered right to my door!!


Mr Ecochick’s “soap”

Payless pharmacy seems to sell most things other pharmacies sell and as mentioned it is cheaper. All these products cost me $97 including delivery. If we had bought these items in a brick and mortar store it would have cost us around $150 and I would have had to go out and buy these products too.

I’ve always loved the internet and its delivery possibilities. It’s even better now that I have little John; as just popping into a store to get something is no longer just as simple as popping anywhere.

Every day I get a truck load of special deals sent to my inbox*; think 1-day, daily do, spread a deal and even trade me has daily deals now. These deals are great as they are cheaper (hence why they are called deals) and they are items that I might not normally think of or items have wanted to buy but have been to stingy ie Egyptian 400 thread count sheets (bought from 1-day for $80!). I can see how dangerous these deals can be for people so if you are a shopaholic it might be best to stay away. Often I have to remind myself that I really don’t need something even if it’s cheap and seems like I must have it. Just as well I’m Dutch and was born stingy. On a good note almost all my Christmas shopping is almost completely – thanks with a little bit of help from some of these websites.

I buy almost everything online including cleaning products, make up, hair dye, clothes, books, you think of it and I buy it on line. I think the only things I don’t buy online are food, fresh fruit, veggies, and free range eggs. All I can say I go the internet!

*Just a side note no one pays me to make these reviews (would be nice if they did) I just like to share what helps me save money and reduce stresses in my life especially with a 5 month old. So the sale fairy is just sharing the love.


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