Second hand baby!

July article for the Parents centre newsletter

Having children doesn’t have to be bank breaking. It’s true that having children costs money there is no way getting around that but you can reduce how much you spend. There is no need to rush out and buy everything brand spanking new there are loads of great second hand deals out there. Buying second hand saves you loads of money, is better for the environment and is also great for your children. Second hand is better than buying organic sustainable clothing as the clothing has been washed so many times that there are less pesticides and chemicals in the clothes. Not only is second hand better for the environment as a new product doesn’t have to be made but it is also much better for your wallet.
Fantastic hand me downs!
When buying second hand you can get loads of great products that still look like new or are actually new. We bought everything second hand (except the cot mattress and car seat for safety reasons) for John saving a fortune. I bought a mountain buggy (that someone had won) and a six month old touchwood cot for less than half their retail value. I bought all John’s clothes off trade me – there are wonderful bulk buys you can get for very little money. A friend of mine has two boys and so we inherited all their old clothes for nothing. We won’t need to buy John anymore clothes until he is about two! People are usually more than willing to pass on their children’s old clothes, toys or bedroom furniture. Second hand stores or Savemart are great places to buy children’s clothes. I find that buying second hand actually means we buy better quality clothes as there is no way I would spend the money to buy these clothes new. Second hand are not dirty words.
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