Where does this Ecochick shop?

People often ask me where I shop and how I save money on shopping. So I thought I’d share where and how we shop. I must add we’re vegetarian and cook from scratch so that in itself saves us a ton of money even if you’re a meat eater participating in meat free Monday is a great way to get some extra veggies into your family plus save you some money.

People often ask me how buying in bulk actually saves you money well the first answer is it keeps you out of the supermarket (you always spend more there than you meant to!). Bulk stores mostly sell basic ingredients rather than processed foods so it means it encourages you to scratch cook rather than relying on highly processed foods.

Buying in bulk generally saves you more per unit so you might spend more up front but in the long term it saves you a lot of money (though if you’re shopping at a bulk bin store you chose how much you buy). Buying in bulk also helps you reduce your waste as you either buy larger quantities with less packaging or you can fill your own bags at bulk bin places.

save_money_shoppingI do go to the supermarket but this is only for a few items. I might pick up some other deals while I’m there if they are on sale (I love cherry picking stores!) but in general I specifically go for bananas (I buy All Good fair trade ones), toilet paper (I buy Earthcare), cheese, instant milk powder, sour cream (but I’m going to try make my own from kefir milk), cream (if I’m going to make ice cream), natural rubber kitchen gloves, marmite, mayonnaise (I know you can make your own but I haven’t found one I like and since we don’t eat it very often I have a store bought one this goes for tomato sauce too). mustard, yoghurt (though at the moment I’m not making any as we’re using kefir milk), Uncle Ben’s special rice, crackers, frozen veggies, maybe beer and wine.

I’m sure there are a few other things I buy there too like tinned beans or tomatoes or fresh veggies or fruit if I’m there anyways. I normally end up going to the supermarket as we’ve run out of bananas again (wow we can demolish a bunch in about 2.5 seconds) I normally buy 3 bunches at a time.

save_money_shoppingSo where do I get everything else from? I shop at Moore Wilson’s, Davis Trading, Bin Inn, a veggie store, the market, online and from my garden. I buy most of our food in bulk and store them in the wonderful pallet crates Mr Ecochick made me. I love buying items in bulk (ie 3 or more kg bags) it is so much cheaper and it means I have to go to the store less often. I generally go to Davis, Moore Wilson’s or Bin Inn about once a month.

I buy my dry goods (ie flours, rices, pulses, seeds, spices, beans, protein and milk powder, etc) from Moore Wilson’s, Davis Trading, or Bin Inn. My frozen berries from Moore Wilson’s or Davis Trading. Fresh fruit and veggies from a local veggie store or the market (as well as local honey and eggs if my girl’s aren’t laying). Cosmetics and skin care plus cleaning products that I don’t make I buy online.

I actually hate going to the supermarket (all that advertising, bright lights and noise – ha ha what a nana!!) but could spend ages walking around the other stores I shop. Away from the supermarket I feel I’m completely in control of what I’m buying and no one yelling at me telling me what to buy. Since I feel more in control I only buy what I need and there are no temptations or little unnecessary”extra” purchases that end up costing lots of money.

Also check out my reduce your waste series and things I don’t buy to see how I save even more money.

How do you save money while shopping? Where you you chose to shop? I hope you found this post helpful. If you want to know about any specific products leave me a comment and I’ll tell you where I buy them.

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