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I realised we were spending over $200 a month on our two mobiles and internet usage. I was sure we could save some money in this area so we’ve almost halved that bill after just two phone calls. Thanks to email and Mr Ecochick’s work phone he hardly uses his personal phone anymore so we’ve changed his phone plan to a prepaid phone (total saving c$40 per month).

I rang my phone provider and told them that my bill was too high and that I wanted to move to another provider they were really helpful and didn’t charge me an early termination fee and even helped me find a cheaper plan (total saving $20 per month).

So $60 a month saved after just two phone calls – not bad for an afternoon’s effort. It totally pays to check around to see what plans suit you best or just call your provider and maybe they can offer you a cheaper deal that suits your phone needs better.


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When we moved into our home two years ago we were lucky enough to be able to get cable broadband (wonderful!!!) and didn’t really need a phone line anymore so I was able to cancel our phone line connection (total saving c$40 per month) the phone companies won’t tell you that you can do this I had to read it on someone’s blog in the states!.

So instead of a phone line we use VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). We still have a normal phone that you pick up and use to speak with – it does have some issues such as sometimes people can’t hear you or it hangs up on people but it’s worth the $30 we save a month. So that’s a $90 saving a month. Nice. While I was writing this I noticed that our internet provider has some new plans out so I might give them a call tomorrow to see if we can get a cheaper plan might save some more money. I like to keep money in my own pocket thank you very much!



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2 thoughts on “Save money on your phone bill

  1. November 2, 2011 at 6:33 pm

    I was so excited when we moved to Wellington and were able to get cable broadband for Internet. We didn’t even set up a home phone and just use our cellphones or Skype. It was so nice cutting that phone line bill out of my budget.

  2. Hellybell
    November 2, 2011 at 8:15 pm

    Fantastic Stuff. I’ve just been doing the same thing, swapping from one company to the next until i found the right one. I have had some serious issues in the meantime, (some companies not mentioning names… *cough* Orcon… *cough* have been billing me for months for an account i dont have, but its just about figuring out the best provider, talking to them to see what will actually suit and saving some decent moolah $$.. Nice

    Awesome post. Thanks alot