Save money on DIY

As you know we’re in the throws of redoing our bathroom/ laundry/ bijkeuken (scullery) and of course this is a huge job (being three rooms and all – all be it the new toilet is only tiny) so I though how I would share how we’re saving money. The obvious one is that we’re doing most of the work ourselves; Mr Ecochick and dad have been flat out every day for the last three weeks working – mum and I have been helping out too (little John tries to help as well). We could never have done such a large project at once if we had to pay people to do all the work. So obviously we’re not paying for any labour (though dad does require being plied with chocolate biscuits – so have to keep a stock of these at hand).
John the builder
We have also bought pretty much everything on line which is a huge cost saver. Bought an amazing vanity with all the tap wear and basins for a steal from you guessed it trade me. All electrical goods were bought off trade me or from Electrical Direct – not only did this mean we paid less it also meant we got the items delivered and didn’t lose any time collecting everything. We are lucky we have a huge Mitre 10 Mega near us and they really do have great prices on everything. If you are doing a large project (over $2500) you can apply for a trade card this saves you up to 15% on most items. A few dollars here and there helps!
As we did almost of the plumbing work ourselves our local plumber did us a great deal on the work he did and also on parts. So the only things we’re hiring people for are tiling, plastering, lino and some electrical and plumbing work. I’m so glad I was bought up in a family that is Dutch and so we don’t pay for anything therefore all projects done at home meant us kids were involved as well so I’m used to DIYing and of course dad and Mr Ecochick being engineers means that they can do pretty much anything and everything.
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