Save money make your own yoghurt

Yoghurt is a yummy snack and has so many uses and flavours. Store bought yoghurt is often full of sugar and is expensive plus you have all the packaging to deal with! So save yourself a bunch of money and make your own. I’m going to do a series on making your own yoghurt. This is the first part in my series.

homemade_save_nzMake your own yoghurt using store bought ready mixes

The quickest and easiest way to make your own yoghurt is to buy/ get a yoghurt maker. In New Zealand the two most easy accessible companies in NZ are EasiYo and Hansells. You can buy the machines at most supermarkets.

You can then buy either EasiYo or Hansell packet yoghurt from the supermarket. I buy whichever brand is on sale they both work in both machines. You can choose from heaps of different flavours in full fat or lite or flavours with bits in them. I have tried many flavours from both companies and they have all turned out well. They have all make really good quality yoghurt much like the fancy store bought yoghurts rather than the watery cheap yoghurts.

How to make your yoghurt

Boil the jug then fill the machine with boiling water up to the marked line.

Then take the yoghurt container and halfish fill the container with tepid drinking water then empty your yoghurt packet into the container. Shake the container until the powder completely dissolves in the water. Then fill the container to the top with water put on the lid. Give it another good shake and place it in the yoghurt maker. Leave on the bench over night. In the winter I wrap a towel around the maker to keep it extra warm.

Once the yoghurt has set place it in the fridge. If your yoghurt didn’t set add more boiling water to the machine and leave it on the bench for another few hours.

This homemade yoghurt will keep for one to two weeks depending on what flavour you’ve made. Check the packet to see what they recommend.

So there you go you’ve made your own yoghurt! Well done.

The yoghurt packages sell for around NZ$2.50 – $4.50 depending on if they are on sale or not. I used to stock up when they were on sale. One packet makes 1L of yoghurt.

Tubs of supermarket yoghurt sell for NZ$4.50 to $15 per litre. Not to mention how much those tiny single serve tubs cost plus how much waste they create!!! You can make your own single serve tub by pouring some homemade yoghurt into small sealable containers. Great for school or work lunches

Save yourself 45% to 75% and make your own yoghurt!!

homestead_nz_ecoPS I have to add that the yoghurt packets are made of foil and so sadly can’t be recycled. This means creating waste that is thrown out. I wish they made the packets out of recyclable materials.

Part one; Save money and make your own yoghurt

Part two; Use your own yoghurt to make more yoghurt

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