Saturday morning market

I just love going to the market on a Saturday. There is a big one about 15 minutes from our house and it has everything you can imagine; fresh New Zealand fruit and veggies, free range eggs and meat and also treats like super yummy almond croissants. We go about every two weeks and spend about $30 on fruit, veggies, tofu and free range eggs. I love going there as the produce is so much cheaper and is fresh and I love that I’m supporting local farmers/ families.
I think it’s a great educational opportunity for the kiddies so they can see where their food comes from. John’s too little to know this yet but I love to carry him in his front pack and now he can face forward so that he can see all the great colours and varieties of food.
We take our own bags so we have no waste – any left over food goes into the compost heap. So great it also means when we go to the super market we only have to get dry goods and basics. Home cooking sure has its advantages.      
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