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I found a great new blog the other day. It’s called rubbish free. The blog’s about a couple who went rubbish free for a year or tried to reduce the amount of rubbish they put into the landfill. I’d love to be totally rubbish free but sadly I still like some of my conveniences. As stated in earlier posts we compost and recycle, but still have 22 rubbish bags a year. I’m always on the look out to reduce the waste we put into our rubbish bags. So when I found this blog I was very excited. They had some great ideas that we’ll introduce into our own lifestyle. More exciting was the store that they have where they sell some great products. I bought some bamboo toothbrushes and a new head for our wooden dish brush, these can both be put into our compost bin, though we may need a longer term bin as these woods will take longer to breakdown than normal compost.

I also bought two lots of reusable produce bags so that when we buy veggies or fruit we don’t have to use the plastic bags from the supermarket or market place. These plastic bags are recyclable but I feel it’s better to reduce any plastics coming into our house rather than just recycling them. These new produce bags are made from sustainable, organic, unbleached Indian cotton. Therefore when these bags are worn out they can be thrown into the compost.       

Reading sites like these are great as they remind me to watch what we throw out and be careful about what products we bring into our home. It’s not so much about feeling guilty about what we buy or use; it’s more about rethinking how I live my life and also thinking about whether we really need the item we’re looking at buying. It’s more about mindset really.

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