Review; Mangopare Ecotanka

My love affair with my ECOtanka is no secret. We are a family of ECOtankas, John has 2, Mr Ecochick and I both have one each. I buy them as gifts for family and friends and I take mine everywhere I go. So when the wonderful folks at ECOtanka released the sexy new black Mangopare (hammerhead shark) I was super excited when they said they would send me one for my collection. Doesn’t it look fantastic!?!
ecotanka nz ecochick
I thought the bottles looked fantastic in the photos but wow it’s even more amazing in real life. So super stylish and sleek. I love the Mangopare motif; you can really see the shark jumping out of the water. It is so beautiful and so New Zealand.  
This tanka is a sports sized tanka (holding a refreshing 800mls) and can be bought with several lids including the new cap top lid. I got this lid for Mr Ecochick as he’s always taking off the other lids to drink from the bottle. Mr Ecochick loves this lid as he said you can fill the bottle without taking the lid off and can pour from it. Though best not give these children as you could potentially have a mess on your hands.       
Another amazing bottle to add to the ECOtanka family. Thanks ECOtanka.
Even though ECOtanka sent me this wonderful product all views are my own.
 name nz ecochick
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