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So stylish and comfortable!

Boonies footwear recently released a whole new range of super sexy, practical and comfortable outdoor footwear. There is a style and colour to suit everyone and every need. I love that Boonies products are designed in and for New Zealand conditions meaning they are built tough! Boonies are not your regular gumboots they are made with flexible neoprene coated in hand laid durable natural rubber making them completely waterproof, comfortable and hard wearing. These boots come in a range of styles that accommodate people with all sizes of calves or lower ones for people like me who have a habit of breaking regular plastic gumboots. I love that the top of most of the Boonies are made from stretchy neoprene.


Hard at work.

I first heard about Boonies footwear and though wow they look amazing and so super useful, but was a little put off by the price. Of course I understand that good quality items cost money. Boonies were kind enough to send me some boots to trial and review and now that I own a pair I truly believe they are worth every cent and will last for many, many years. Not to mention how super comfortable and stylish they are.  I can’t imagine how many cheap pairs of gumboots I would go through in the life of these boots; no more throwing out cheap nasty plastic gumboots. Win for me and the environment.

My boots mackenzie low look like working boots minus a steel cap so are very light and super comfortable to wear. These boots are easy to put on though sometimes I have to use two hands as you can’t just slip your foot in. This is actually a good thing as the shoe hugs my ankles and gives lots of support. I think you could easily wear these shoes all day and not get sore feet at all as the soles are really supportive. Thank you so much Boonies for my boots I don’t think I’d ever buy another company’s boots again. If I ever need to buy another pair that is.


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