Repainting a metal bookcase

I had this colourful old metal bookcase from when I was a student (I think I paid about $40 for it 10 years ago). It served me well in my student days and beyond. So while doing Gabriel’s room I decided to repaint this bookcase to reuse rather than buy anything new. I do so love reusing and redoing and hate waste.metal_furniture_repaintThis colourful bookcase is made of metal it might even be baked enamel I’m not sure.  This does mean you can’t just paint over it with any old paint. It needs to be prepared property otherwise the paint will just scratch off.   metal_furniture_repaint I gave the whole bookcase a light sand with some 240 grit sandpaper but any light sandpaper would work. You just want to lightly key the metal rather than give it a hard sanding. After sanding I cleaned all the dust and and grease off with white spirits.   metal_furniture_repaintI painted one coat of Resene smooth surface sealer which is an adhesive primer that will stick to the metal coating. This was really a pain to do as the bookcase was made of metal pipes so made painting the bookcase very time consuming to paint. I let this dry for a day.

metal_furniture_repaintThe next day we painting two coats of (leftover) enamel paint in alabaster. Painting round pipes really are not much fun. I put the bookcase on our outside picnic table so I would walk the whole way round and get under and over and lift the bookcase up to paint every nook and cranny. I’m very happy how the bookcase came out. All it cost us was a couple hours work. Once the bookcase was dry I stenciled it but that is a post for another day.

Now you can repaint all those great metal items you have around your home or find for cheap in second hand shops. No need to have colourful mismatching items when with a few hours work you can have them matching your decor and looking beautiful.

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