Relieving heartburn naturally

I get terribly painful heartburn when I’m pregnant. With John I ate truck loads of antacids; I took them everywhere with me and I had them all over the house!! I had totally forgotten about the natural dirt cheap alternative in my pantry!! Sometimes we’re so silly.
So when my MIL was here a few weeks ago I had heartburn and complained I didn’t have any antacids and she said drink some baking soda (aka sodium bicarbonate)! I mean come on!!! 
So add 1-2tsps baking soda to a glass add about 50ml water. Stir and drink. Stir between sips. Ok so it doesn’t taste every nice at all and you get terrible burbs but boy it is instant relief!!
I’ve just been told that this helps with post exercise recovery and reduce muscle soreness. Not to mention the million other things you can do with baking soda; cook with it, clean your house with it or check out 55 things to do with baking soda.
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