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Last month I was lucky enough to be a guest speaker at the Go Green expo here in Wellington. I spoke on a topic I’m super passionate about Reducing your waste and plastic dependency. I want to share what I talked about and how we go about having such a small amount of waste and how I have a plastic free (as much as possible) life.


The average Kiwi’s rubbish is made up of 50% organic waste, 15% recycling, 35% other. This means you can reduce your rubbish by 65% by simply reducing your organic waste by eating leftover food, not wasting food, composting, using a worm farm or getting a green bin plus recycling if it’s recyclable. So by recycling and using up organic waste you can reduce your rubbish by 65% without too much effort.


This nacho bag was our rubbish output for September. Our total rubbish was 590g for the month which is 37g per person per week. Which I think is pretty good considering we are a four person family; including one 9 month old and a 3 year old. We normally put out a rubbish bag every two months the last time we put one out was August 7 and three months later we still haven’t put a bag out.

So how can you reduced your rubbish too?

First off it’s not about what you’re trying to get rid of it’s more important to think about what you’re bringing into your home. I try to think do I really need it vs do I really want it? I find this filter has stopped me buying and bringing home a lot of stuff that isn’t necessary and often ends up as waste. So buy good stuff (that you need) and take care of it.
I am hard on plastic but it has it’s place just make sure you buy recyclable or reusable plastics and then clean it and recycle it.
Another way to reduce waste is to buy food in bulk or fresh at the market or from your garden without plastic. We also save money and waste by shopping at bulk stores like Bin Inn, Moore Wilsons and Davis trading or Ethic food stores and better still you can bring your own containers or buy items in zip lock bags that can be reused over and over again then recycled.
Always buy glass over plastic and reuse over and over again. Glass has infinite uses and reuses.
Much like glass choose metal over plastic. Metal is so durable and the most reliably recyclable
Another great option is wood it’s so durable, biodegradable and burnable.
Pretty much everything else can be bought in cloth. Especially stuff for the kids.

These are some quick reducing your waste tips. Come back soon for more in depth look at how glass, metal, wood and cloth can reduce your waste. What do you do to help you reduce your waste. Or are you going to try one of the tips I’ve mentioned?
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