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I do love some helpful awesome kitchen appliances; I’m actually a bit of an appliance whore. I have decluttered and so I have only kept the ones I use regularly! I wanted to share some appliance we own that helps us to scratch cook and in turn reduce our waste. I’m not saying rush out and buy some new appliances but if you need some new toys these are my favs.

My number one would be my awesome chest fridge closely followed by my chest freezer. These appliances are super cheap to run so save you loads of money plus they can hold a lovely 320L of fresh or frozen yummy scratch cooked goodness. The trick to these puppies is to make sure they seal properly and keep them well organized; check out my blog posts on how I organize my chest fridge and freezer. Having so much space allows you to cook up extra food for dinners/ lunches (freezer food is like free food!!). I also like to cook extra beans, rice, pulses, etc which means I can use dried items which are so much cheaper than caned goods; saving you money, time and packaging. I freeze everything in glass see how I do this here.

reduce-your-waste-kitchen-appliancesI’m LOVING my new toy; the Philips All In One. It’s super awesome it’s a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, searer, did I mention pressure cooker? I can cook a chicken in 20 minutes, beans in 12 or risotto in 14! It makes an impressive 12 cups of stock and super yummy bone broth from leftover carcass’. In one day I made jam in the morning while having a cup of coffee with a girlfriend, then dhal for dinner and then in the evening I made granola for breakfast. Totally LOVING this machine!!! Though I really wish it had a stainless steel insert that would just make this machine even more awesome!


My morning’s just wouldn’t be complete without my Moccamaster coffee machine. Mmmm it makes the most awesome coffee. To reduce my waste further I buy paper coffee filters (that I compost) and get my amazing organic fair trade locally roasted Celcius coffee ground directly into my own jars. I love that it’s handmade in Holland and all of it is replaceable and recyclable. Mr Ecochick and I both have stainless coffee cups so we take our own awesome wastefree coffee out with us rather than spend money when we’re out and about.

coffee_reduce_wasteA good food processor certainly makes a huge difference when you are scratch cooking. I love my bright red Magimix 3200XL. It’s made in France and the motor comes with an impressive 30 year warranty. It comes with a case of super useful tools and attachments. A few things I use my food processor for are nut butters, sauerkraut, whole food mixes like cakes, biscuits, muesli bars, hummus to name a few.

magimix_reduce_wasteI love the Magimix brand and so have a Magimix blender as well. I LOVE that it has a glass jug and an awesome 1200 watt motor. It has handled everything I have thrown at it ice cubes, nuts, beans, frozen bananas. I also love that you can buy a glass mill attachment.  It is well worth getting it as it is awesome for making wet pastes for curries or pesto.

blender_reduce_wasteWe make our own bread several times per week. We use the Panasonic SD-2501 bread maker. We have been using it for almost three years and I think I have bought about two loaves of bread in that time. We make our stripped down loaf or gluten free, or sourdough bread sever times per week plus I like to bake cakes in the breadmaker too. I buy our flour in bulk or paper bags so no waste or nasty plastic bread bags or plastic ties to dispose of.breadmaker_reduce_wasteA few other appliances that we use less often but I still feel belong in our reduced waste kitchen since they are totally worth the space in our cupboard.

My old Kenwood chef from 1970. I bought it second hand when I was 18 and have been using it ever since. It’s so great for mixing especially ice cream or pizza dough though I do use it less now that I have a food processor and blender. I have two bowls which really makes things easier I really wish they were stainless steel so I’ll keep looking.

kenwood_reduce_wasteOn the ice cream note my second hand Sunbeam ice cream machine always makes lovely ice cream. Home made ice cream with good quality cream is just amazing plus you can make it whatever flavour you like including beetroot and chocolate or Baileys ice cream. The brand of machine is not important I have used super expensive ones and my cheap $6 second hand one and they both do the same job just as well so just buy a cheap second hand one.


Quick fire the last few appliances that we have are old but useful and so I can’t recommend a brand. A good quality coffee/ spice grinder is well worth buying. My best tip would be to buy one with as much metal in it as possible. We roast and grind our own fresh spices and spice mixes. Plus you can make your own icing sugar and bread crumbs as well.


We also have a tortilla press and chapati maker to make our own flat breads, tortillas, rotis and other goodies like quesadillas. Along with this we have a sandwich press instead of a toaster it’s super useful for making toast, toasted sandwiches, pikelets, pancakes, quesadillas. I heard you can buy ones with interchange plates (ie a smooth one and a waffle one) I’d be keen to find one of those when this one dies!

I also own a dehydrator that I go through phases where I use it heaps and then not at all. Actually I don’t think I’ve used it in a year though I am keen to try to make my own lamb or salmon jerky so I’ll keep you posted. This is an item I’d borrow rather than bother owning.

We use these appliances regularly and they all allow us to have a reduced waste kitchen and aid in our scratch cooking and jerf life. So what are your favourite appliances? maybe one that you just can’t live without? Please share…


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