We all know that recycling is one way to reduce our rubbish and waste. I was so excited when a few weeks ago our local council changed their recycling capabilities from only recycling plastics 1 and 2 but now they can recycle up to 6. Super exciting. Before that I had been giving our plastics to my mother in law as her local council was recycling up to 6 and so now we can just put it out with our rubbish. Curb side recycling is fantastic and so easy. Just wrap up your plastics, tin, paper and glass and put them out on rubbish day. So fantastic as no need to go anywhere else to get our recycling done.

Our recycling station
We have our little recycling station in the laundry which consists of some plastic bags that I bought from the plastic box which have cans, paper and plastic written on them. We then put supermarket bags in these to put the clean recycling in. It’s getting harder to have plastic bags for putting recycling in as we normally bring our own bags to the supermarket and normally don’t take bags from shops when offered. Come rubbish day the recycling is all clean and ready to go. So recycling doesn’t become a big deal just pick up the recycling bags and put them outside.

We’re trying to reuse as much as possible, we have the compost bin and recycle all we can but still we put out a rubbish bag about every 2-3 weeks. I know that’s about 22 rubbish bags a year  and we recycle we still have more rubbish than I would like.  I’m still working on ways to reduce our general rubbish output. Any ideas would be welcome.

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