Recycling ideas for the garden

I found a cool site today called WebEcoist which has some wonderful projects on it that I want to add to our garden. So I thought I would make a list of things I want to make or have in our garden.
garden_nz_ideasA new outside table: this one is made out of recycled pallets. When I made John’s playroom I moved his table inside and so I no longer have a little table outside to put drinks and things like pegs on so I want to make this one. Check out WebEcoist for other cool things you can do with pallets. Pallets also make great firewood. I never did make this as I got a free table off freecycle but never say never.
garden_nz_ideasI want a sandpit for John as he is enjoying playing in the new garden we’re working on. My girlfriend had a big tractor wheel in her garden that used to be a sandpit when she was a child so I thought I would find one to put in our backyard. I’ll need to make a little cover for it to keep the moggies and rain out! I like the idea of using a tyre as these are just going to go into the tip anyways so I like that these will be reused. Also when the kids have grown up you can grow veggies or berries in the tire. A woman I met the other day had a sandpit made from an old door frame which is also a cool idea. Though the door frame we took out of our place is rimu so we’ll be reusing that in the house. We made John a sandpit check out how we did it here. garden_nz_ideas
I’m the process of putting in a rain collection system. I have already bought a wine barrel and we just need to hook it up. Fun.

garden_nz_ideasI like these wall tyres for planters as I still have an ugly wall I want to cover so maybe a few tyres would be cool filled with herbs? Or maybe some veggies? More cool tyre recycling ideas on WebEcoist.

garden_nz_ideasI’ve always loved these teacup bird feeders. They look so cute and a great use for unusable or broken crockery.

garden_nz_ideasLastly, I think I want a worm farm. I’ve had one before but I wasn’t gardening at the time so I didn’t really have a use for it. Now though I get worm wee from a friend so I might want my own. We’ll see as I didn’t like having a compost bin all too smelly for my liking but I would like to have my own supply of worm wee.

What do you want in your garden? Any other ideas on what I can use as planters?


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