Recycled feltpen holder

I wanted to do a quick organising craft the other day so nothing quicker than covering a recycled tin with fabric and hey presto an instant pen holder!
So I took a tin can I’d been saving as I wanted to make an art caddy for John to store all his art supplies in so for now I thought I’d just store his pens in one place. I read on homestead survival that when painting steel first clean it with white vinegar to get it completely clean. I figured it can’t hurt to clean the old tin before spraying it with adhesive.
I got out some lovely fabric (leftover from my outside table project). I rolled the tin in the fabric and cut around the tin. Then I sprayed the tin and the fabric with spray adhesive (love the stuff!) then I rolled the tin in the fabric and smoothed it down.   
I drew around the bottom of another tin to create a cover for the bottom as the fabric was rather messy. I cut out the fabric inside the circle and sprayed and stuck it down on the bottom of the tin. I had to use some pressure to keep the fabric in place. Much tidier now.
John was very happy with the pretty pen holder he called it “mooi” (nice) and then made a cute picture. He is really enjoying “drawing” so it’s nice to have all his pens together and within easy reach for him. I love making new things out of old/ recycled items. How do you store your children’s pens?
 Madeleine  x
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