Raspberry patch

Last year I planted raspberries but I had no idea what I was doing and the raspberries weren’t getting enough sunlight, I think I ate 2 raspberries. So I decided to start a brand new raspberry patch. I keep taking over more and more of the garden very soon it’ll look how I want it to so watch this space!! Things are moving and grooving!!! 
Here is the corner garden that was wildly overgrown with ivy, agapanthus and two trees. About two years ago we started attacking this garden and removed a lot of ivy, rubble and another tree from this site. I chose this to be my new raspberry patch since it gets full sun most of the day and also both our side of the garden and next door gets moved so the raspberries wont be able to escape their patch.  
Mr Ecochick was a legend and took out two trees for me. We removed as many weeds and roots from the soil as we could (this took ages!!! Those bloody buttercups!). We spent two days removing all the ivy off the fence; well as much as we could. What is left will die off and will be able to be removed over time. Mr Ecochick and I dug over the garden to turn the top layer of soil and help aerate and break it up a bit.
We added two bags of sheep pellets and about a trailer load of compost. I added some paving stones as the garden is quite deep and I want to have access to all the yummy raspberries we’re going to have!!! I transplanted all my raspberries and a Meyer lemon tree that mum had at her house. I’m going to buy some garlic and plant this as a companion plant plus some rue, tansy and yarrow. I’ll also plant some calendula, dill and coriander near my lemon tree to help with pollination and also encourage predatory insects. 
I love my new berry patch!!! I cant believe how different it looks. It’ll look even better with lovely red raspberries and beautiful flowers around the berries.
Madeleine  x
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