Rainwater harvesting system

We have finally put in our first rainwater harvesting system. I am so happy with it. I love how it looks (well apart from the sexy blue!! I might paint it at some stage?). I LOVE that once we have water in it we’ll be able to water the garden with lovely captured rainwater. I find it so wasteful turning on the tap and watering our garden with treated water. The garden always looks so much more amazing after a good rainfall than it does after you watered it out of the tap.     

Our system is pretty basic and was cheap to make. I bought a 250L plastic second hand drum off trade me. The hardest part was getting a drum that hadn’t had nasty chemicals in it. You could use pretty much any type of container to collect rainwater in. I really wanted to use wine barrels everywhere but they are super expensive to buy. I have managed to buy one cheaply so this will go on the deck as you will see it more than this blue drum that comes off the garage roof and is behind the chicken coop. We will be adding four harvesting systems in total all around the house plus a small one to water the chickens with.    
I bought a down pipe water diverter that was super easy to install. We chose this diverter as it has an overflow function so when the drum is full the water will be diverted back down the drain. We drilled a hole in the drum and screwed and glued one end of the diverter in the drum. We also cut a small section out of the down pipe and inserted the diverter. Easy as. 
We bought an ordinary outside tap and cut a hole in the drum then screwed and glued the tap in. The garden hose attachment screws onto this tap and so it is very easy to attach a hose to the drum. 
Mr Ecochick made a very cool water tower out of leftover wood we had in the garage. I love the tower with its cross members it looks so country. He then stained it with some leftover stain. You’ll need to elevate the drum off the ground (maybe not as high as we did) to help increase the water pressure.

Mr Ecochick used a lag/ coach screw to secure the water tower to the garage. We also used metal bands to attach the drum to the garage as there is no way I want the tower falling over on one of us! Once full this drum and tower will weigh over 250kgs!  
Now just to wait for it to rain so it can fill up!!! I might need to do a rain dance as the weather this summer has been just magic! 

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