Quick changes for the environment

I love the daily green website. It has loads of great tips that get sent to your inbox regularly. I had 9 tips sent today so I thought I would share them:
– Reduce plastic bags – take reusable bags to the store. Though most of the bags I have still seem to be made out of some plastic so they will stay with us forever. I found some on rubbish free that are made out of Jute fabric; I’d like to get some of these at some stage. I’ve also bought some cute small cotton bags to put fruit and veggie in so I don’t have to bring home  more plastic.
– Don’t buy bottled water. Though I don’t trust tap water so we have a purifier on our tap.
– Get rid of catalogues/ or junk mail all together. I understand lots of people still like to read junk mail so you can go to sale finer and you get the latest catalogues sent to your inbox. Most companies can email catalogues instead of mailing them. Saving money and trees.  
– Detergents – use plant, concentrated and biodegradable one. I prefer ones that haven’t been tested on animals too.
– Reduce your dryer use – I was dead set against getting a dryer but now that we have one it has definitely been really useful in the middle of winter with cloth nappies.
– Change toilet paper – switching from normal to recycled will save around 1 million trees. Or even better still reduce your toilet paper use (will post about this later).
– Stop using paper towels and use cloths instead. Or if you can’t get rid of your paper towel switch to recycled ones.
– Turn down the heater – grab an extra blanket or jersey and have the heater on low. I’m not saying be cold (I hate being cold) just think about how high the heater is.
– Give up dry cleaning – to avoid the need for dry cleaning choose clothes that don’t need it.
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