The quails are finally here!! Woop woop. I’ve been talking about getting quails for a year now and they are finally here. I’m loving watching these little tiny moas running around in their converted rabbit hutch. Aren’t they pretty? quails_nz_backyardThey are great time wasters and are so funny to watch; digging, dusting, eating. Man they love a good bath. When you watch them you see that they really behave like mini chickens. They like to scratch around digging the ground and peck at yummies. Actually only one of the white quails has a name she’s called pecky he he.

I bought Japanese (also called coturnix) quails which are normally used for meat and egg production as they are the largest of the quails and produce 12-14g eggs. I bought a breeding group which is six females and one male. I have four white females, two tuxedo females and a rosetta male. I love having these different colour birds but they do come in many other colours I might have to add a few of these over time!

quails_nz_backyard I have read that quails just drop their eggs where they walk but I haven’t found this to be the case. For the first two days two of my girls dropped their eggs in the run but the other girls lay their eggs in the nesting/ sleep box. A week on and there are two nests in the box and I find all the eggs in there. Wow I wonder if they will even sit on eggs? Quails are meant to be terrible mothers but since mine have a large run on the grass maybe it’ll be a different story? Only time will tell.

quails_nz_backyardQuail eggs are so tiny (especially compared to my massive orpington eggs!) and cute they really are a work of art and I hear no two are ever the same. Even the inside are an amazing quail blue.

quails_nz_backyard Quail eggs are truly yummy; the only way to describe them is that the white tastes whiter and the yoke yokier so basically they taste eggier than chicken eggs. Not to mention the super cool factor of eating quails eggs! So far we’ve fried them, boiled them, given some away and also I’ve put nine under Nero who is broody again for the third time this year. Wow I may have baby quails sooner than I thought.  quails_nz_backyardSomethings I have noticed is wow they eat and drink a lot for creatures so small!! I really need to make another food dispensary as at the moment I need to feed them twice a day and fill their water every two days. Must get onto that tomorrow. Also they are even more productive than chickens I’m getting an egg a day from each girl!! Own six eggs a day for a week now. Crazy! This is what happens if you don’t eat the eggs for a few days! What a terrible problem to have!

quail_nz_backyardI’m so super glad we have them they are loads of fun, super cool and it’s wonderful to have a few more animals on our urban homestead. I had heard chickens were a gateway animal oh dears who knows what else they might lead too!! Have you eaten quail eggs or birds? What animals do you have? Do you own or thought about getting quails?


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