Quail hutch

quail_rabbit_hutch We had an old rabbit hutch leftover from when I got rid of my rabbits so I decided to fill it with quails. I wanted to share how we converted the old rabbit hutch into a quail palace. Currently we have 6 quails as I sold one but I hope to pick up two more in a few weeks time. Here’s how we did it.

quail_rabbit_hutchWe removed all the metal and wooden components from around the sleeping quarters.

quail_rabbit_hutch We added bits of wood to the inside of the hutch to work as framing so that we could attach the plywood sheets to be the new linings of the sleeping/ nesting area.

quail_rabbit_hutchWe reused some of the plywood we had from around the house to line the inside of the quail hutch.

quail_rabbit_hutchOnce the inside linings were all in place we cut sheets of polystyrene to size (I got the polystyrene off freerecycle) to act as insulation to help keep the quails nice and warm and dry.

quail_rabbit_hutchWe made the rabbit door smaller so that it would only be big enough to let quails in and out of and hopefully keep the quails warmer. Seems silly to go to all the effort to insulate the hutch and not reduce the door size. So now they have a cute little door.

quail_rabbit_hutchOnce all the insides were insulated we added plywood and flashing to the outside of the sleeping box. So far the box seems to be dry and not letting any water in at all.

quail_rabbit_hutchWe reused the original lid from the old hutch but attached a piece of plywood to work as a base for the polystyrene to attach to. Mr Ecochick then made a box frame from bits of wood. We filled this in with more polystyrene then added another layer of plywood to contain the polystyrene. This “box” sits inside the nesting box so the lid is nice and snug and tight.

Mr Ecochick added flashing all around the lid so it sits tightly over the nesting compartment to keep all the rain out and hopefully keep the wind out too.

quail_rabbit_hutchSo here is our converted rabbit come quail hutch. Our hutch is on wheels so I can move it around the yard every day so the quails can have fresh grass every day.  Our chooks love it when I move the quail hutch and spend ages digging over and eating all the goodies leftover by the quails. Before I move the hutch I always check to make sure there are no stray eggs in the run that would get squashed.

quail_rabbit_hutch I place a piece of old plywood on top of the run to keep the rain and sun off the quails.

We had to add a brick to act as a ladder to allow the quails access to the sleeping area. Actually none of them sleep in there at the moment but since it’s summer this doesn’t matter. Come winter I think we’ll have to lock them into the sleeping area at night as quails aren’t very good at keeping warm.

My hutch is large and I think they have enough space to display some natural behavours. I think I might try grow some type of grasses to put in their run so they hide in it. Stay tuned for more quail tips and hints and food options. I love reusing items and making them all shinny and new and even better with a new purpose.


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