Public recycling

Public recycle bins are readily available in most cities in the world but I think it’s really terrible that there are none in the town where I live – though I have just read that there are some in Wellington central city. Go Wellington city council! I really wish that the other local city councils would put public recycle bins out. I recycle everything I can at home but hate that when I’m out there are no recycle bins to put my recyclable rubbish into. What I’ve started to do is bring my own recycling home with me to wash and put out with my own recycling. I really believe that if there were these types of bins around people would use them. According to  treehugger recycle bins with holes in them show an increase in recycling by 34%! That’s huge! This shows that make things easy for people and they will recycle. So come on New Zealand let’s get some bins out there. 
picture from keetsa.
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