Protecting your clothes from the sun

The New Zealand sun is super harsh! 
I love love a sunny day and just sun shine. 
It’s so wonderful but with a hole in the ozone layer over us we need to be careful.
Here we all know to keep covered up and not sit out in the sun.
I wear sunscreen everyday of the year.
In NZ most people hang our clothes on the line to dry rather than using a dryer.
The sun is super harsh on our skin and clothes as well. 
This does mean that our clothes get worn out quicker. 
It is a good idea to turn your favourite clothes inside out to protect the colours.
I dry my best clothes (especially black ones) on clothes racks in the shade. 
This means the clothes don’t dry as quickly but it sure protects the colours. 
Result clothes stay better for longer saving me money! 
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