Probiotic chia pudding

Probiotis/ ferments is one of the hottest topics out there. The more I look into nutrition the more I realize that pretty much everything steams from good gut health and maintaining/ increasing the good bacteria in your gut. I’m pretty sure my past experiences with depression may have been reduced if I’d had good gut health.

Sure you could go out and buy probitics in a bottle and there are many great brands out there but they are expensive. Even better make your own! There are so many different options out there depending on what you want to make; jun, kombucha, kefir grains – milk or water, sauerkraut, lacto fermented vegetables, sour dough bread, Caspian sea yoghurt are just a few options. I try to incorporate a large range of these into our diet as often as I can to keep our gut’s happy and healthy.

One of the easiest ways to increase your proibotic intake is through kefir milk (you can make this with cows milk or pretty much any other milk source you like). Once the milk is made you can add it to smoothies, over your muesli or anywhere else you might use milk. I even cook with it though you will kill some of the bacteria and yeast but some will still be there.

I want to share my easy probiotic take on the amazing Emma Galloway‘s chia pudding’s recipe from her super awesome My darling lemon thyme cookbook. I’m reprinting this recipe with Emma’s full support and blessing.

probiotic_chia_puddingProbiotic chia pudding recipe

1/2 cup (70g) chia seeds*

2 cups (500ml) kefir milk

1 tablespoon maple syrup or slightly more if your kefir is a little over fermented

1 teaspoon cinnamon or speculaas spice

1 teaspoon citrus peel – orange/ lemon/ lime

Add all the ingredients into a large jar, I use a one quart agee jar, then shake. You’ll want to shake the jar several times over a space of about ten minutes to stop the seeds clumping. Leave to stand for half and hour or so, shaking occasionally. Serve over muesli or nuts and seeds and fruit or add to smoothies or pop into a container for work or school lunches. Will keep for 3-4 days though will become a little sourer every day due to the kefir continuing to ferment.

*Chia seeds are touted as a wonderful food due to the fact they are high in omega 3. However they are high inĀ alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) which the body can actually produce itself. The body has limited ability to convert ALA to eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) which is then converted to docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Increasing your ALA intake will not result in an increase of DHA levels in your body. Personally I eat chia pudding because I love the taste and it makes a good wholesome breakfast or any time of the day food I do not eat them due to their omega 3 properties.

Please share your favourite ferments/ probiotics or recipes.


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