Pretty flowers

Last week I shared all the amazing plants in my garden so with summer in full swing I thought I’d share all the pretty flowers in my garden. So funny I’m not a flower person but wow they are so pretty. A girlfriend once told me flowers are like food for the soul. She was right they really do brighten the day. I love looking at their little faces and the busy bees flying in and out getting loads of yummy nectar. Though I like to leave them in the garden rather than cut them and put them inside. I also like to throw their seeds around when they have finished flowering.

Pinkish flowers

pink_flowers_nzLeft to right; oregano and a busy bee, dahlia,elephant garlic, cosmos (and a blue cornflower), red yarrow, poppy, dahlia, balm of gilead and hollyhocks (finally has taken 2 years!).

Purple and blue flowers

purple_flowers_nzLeft to right; borage, purple tansy, Pepino ruby, chive, rocoto chilli, sweet viola, heartsease, Raupi potato and hyssop.

White flowers

white_flowers_nz Left to right; sweet alyssum, feverfew, christmas lilies, pyrethrum, blackberry, Chilean guava, coriander and lemon balm.

Yellow flowers

yellow_flowers_nzLeft to right; calendula, dill, sunflower, melon, tomatillo, St Johns wort (though now I’m not so sure anyone know? might be bird’s-foot-trefoil? so what happened to my st Johns? waa), chop suey and nasty nasturtiums.

Wow all so pretty. Most of these flowers are grown as they are either great for insects, are edible or have medicinal uses. I have plenty more herbs and plants not in flower so weren’t included in this pretty post. Enjoy. What flowers are your favourite?


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