Preserving tomatoes in the freezer

So excited that I’m freezing our third batch of tomatoes for later use. I was hoping to grow lots and lots of tomatoes to be able to make our own sauces rather than buying tinned tomatoes. So far we’ve had a steady supply of tomatoes so I’m happy.

I’m not totally sure that growing our own tomatoes works out too much cheaper than buying canned tomatoes. It sure takes a lot of fresh tomatoes to make a pasta sauce. Though in the long run I think it will be cheaper and it’s way more rewarding and tasty eating our own tomatoes. Not to mention not throwing any cans in the recycling. Bonus.

Our second batch of tomatoes I just put in a container and straight in the freezer as I didn’t have time to make it into a sauce and didn’t want the tomatoes to go to waste. I guess I’ll have to defrost, peel and make into a sauce.

Next year I will grow larger tomatoes as the lots of little ones are a pain to peel. Homegrown tomatoes are so much tastier and sweeter than the store bought cans. You don’t have to peel your tomatoes if you don’t want to. I like mine peeled as I don’t like skins in my sauce. Eww.

tomatoes_freezing_nzCollect all your tomatoes. I collected mine over a few days so I would have a huge pile. Put the tomatoes in a deep dish and pour over boiling water.

Leave for 5 to 10 minutes. The longer you leave them the easier they are to peel.


Get a sharp knife and gently stab the tomato skin. There is a satisfying pop as the skin shrivels around the tomato making it very easy to remove the skin.

tomatoes_freezing_nzThe larger tomatoes can easily be peeled while the little tomatoes can just be squeezed out into a dish. I love my huge pile of freshly peeled tomatoes. Now to make a pasta sauce to freeze and use in the winter time.


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