Powdered milk – save money and plastic

62 weeks ago we switched from buying plastic bottled milk to milk powder I wanted to share how much money we’ve saved in one year and how many plastic bottles have not been bought into our home. I buy 2kg powdered milk bags from Moore Wilsons. The bags are large zip lock bags that I wash and reuse over and over again then they are recycled once they are no longer resealable. We make our milk in 1L glass bottles my mum gave me. We’ve used the same 6 glass jars for the last year. Glass is used over and over and over again.

We go through about 6 litres of milk per week at .95c per litre we spend $5.70 per week on milk.

6L at .95c/L = $5.70/week = $296.40/year


If we were to buy store bought 2L or 3L Homebrand plastic bottles

2L costs $2.99 = $8.97/ week = $466.44/year

3L costs $4.45 = $8.90/week = $462.80/year

We’ve saved lots of money in the last year;

from 2L bottles saved $170.04/year

from 3L bottles saved $166.40/year

So we’ve saved money and more importantly have saved 186 2L bottles or 124 3L bottles!!! Woop woop. Saved money and plastic. That I LOVE!!

I must also mention how much money is saved by not go to the supermarket/ diary/ petrol station to buy milk. Popping into the supermarket for one item always costs around $50. So by making our own milk we not only save money on milk but also on all the other stuff we’re not buying.


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