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Spring is in the air. There are daffodils, fruit blossoms and baby lambs for all to see. Spring is a happy time for gardeners everywhere. It’s the time to get your garden organised and seeds ready for the wonderful summer months of hot growing weather. Whenever I want to plant anything my first port of call is always POD gardening. I discovered this wonderful family run website about a year ago just after it was launched and I use it several times a month.

POD really is the first place I look when I want to know how and where to plant anything. As a bonus you can become a POD gardener member amongst other things you get a fantastically useful monthly email with reminders about what to grow and do in your garden each month, and what to cook using fresh seasonal produce.
Actually POD is really my first port of call when it comes to anything gardening; be it composting, preparing soil for particular plants (ie garlic or asparagus), chooks, how to attract beneficial insects or deter others, pest control, the list goes on and on. Get my point if you want to know how to do something in the garden check out POD. Oh and check out POD TV I love it!! I could listen to Paul all day (I’ve named him my Hugh!).

I just love POD’s whole philosophy and goals; “Our goal is for more and more people to become confident and capable producers of nourishing and healthy food for their kitchen tables. Wherever possible, methods recommended are those of organic growing without the use of chemicals and with the assistance of the environment that surrounds our gardens and growing spaces. We recommend sustainable practices so that our gardens can remain vital and productive year after year.” 

So with all this gardening talk and loads of information on POD on how to grow of course you want things to grow. So POD also has a wonderful seed store. All your favourite heritage seeds can be found there; beans, beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, chillis and that’s just the start of the alphabet. They also sell herb, fruit and companion flower seeds; everything a gardener needs to feed their family. POD runs a great deal on their site when you spend $20 on seeds you get 5 packets free; you can choose to get 5 free flower seeds or 5 free vegetables seeds free.
Now especially for NZ Ecochick readers POD and NZ Ecochick have come up with an extra special deal for you all. Spend $25 on seeds and you get both sets of vegetable and flower seeds free. Wow that’s an amazing deal. Spend $25 and getting a bonus 10 packets for free!!! Just mention NZ Ecochick when you order. So check POD out. You’ll get hooked.


Happy shopping everyone. What will you order today?


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