John and Hazel playing together
A girlfriend came round yesterday with her daughter and the kiddies played together in the playpen. They loved lying next to each other and played really happily side by side though never interacting. Interesting that the children were so aware of our presence and interacted with the mums but seemed to have no awareness of each other. Was great fun to watch them play, coo and smile as they lay side by side in the playpen.
I love playpens, I spent a lot of time in one when I was a child and apparently I just loved being in the playpen and would fall asleep in the playpen so mum would just put a blanket over me. So far John seems to enjoy being in his playpen (or kiddie prison as Mr Ecochick calls it) and even rolled over for the first time when he was playing.
I think playpens encourage independence play and also allow children to have their own space. At the moment John isn’t moving far or going anywhere really but I still put him the playpen so that he’ll get used to being in it. Therefore when he is mobile it won’t be a foreign or scary place. So he can play in his place and I can go about doing daily tasks and not have to worry about what John is up to or where he is. 

So when John fell asleep in his playpen today what did I do? That’s right I put a blanket over him and left him to sleep.

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