Plastic / Waste free takeaways

Yep crazy plastic reducing NZ Ecochick does it again. Upsetting the norm of things he he. I wanted Chinese takeaways for tea; there is a great place near mum and dad’s that does a fantastic egg fu yung and stir fry tofu and vegetables but then there is the dilemma of what to do with the plastic containers. Simple bring your own!
So I rang my order through (I must mention I actually couldn’t tell you the last time I had takeaways maybe four months ago?) and asked if I could bring my own container in. First I was told they don’t normally do this, not good enough for me so I asked them to ask the chef (?) and he said it would take longer. All good with me.
So I went on it with my glass containers (well one was mums), handed them over, waited and was handed my lovely containers back with yummy hot food in it. Oh and do not put them in a plastic bag thank you very much missy! I can tell you this was the best meal from their place ever!
The peeps working in the store didn’t seem to phased by me coming in with my containers actually most people are very accommodating when I hand over my containers. I got some surprised looks as I left the takeaway store and I tell you I felt rather proud walking out head held high, hugging my glass containers.
I can’t believe I never thought of doing this (I guess since I don’t get takeaways often I had no need). From now on I will always ask if I can bring in my own containers and if they say no well I won’t visit their store. Have you ever or do you bring your own containers to the store? or for takeaways? Go on I dare you!
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