Plastic recycling – great video

Watched this fascinating video on Treehugger today. Wow makes you think! Can’t believe it’s such a big process to recycle bottles into flakes that then can be made into something else (but not food related). First I have to say that this company looks like it’s doing an amazing job of recycling the PET bottle but boy does it make me think about how to reduce or reuse my bottles more.

I’m a proud recycler and I think that recycling is WAY better than throwing items in the landfills but maybe we can think of ways to reduce our plastic consumption too.  A few ways to reduce your plastic output is to buy from shops where you can bring your own containers and fill your own, ie a Bin Inn, sodastream and yoghurt machines are a great way to reduce a lot of household plastic best of all you use the plastic containers over and over again. Bringing your own cloth produce bags to the supermarket will stop the need for bringing home plastic bags and of course bringing reusable bags too. So hats off to Ecostar for helping us to recycle our plastics.

Any other tips you do to reduce your plastic consumption or need for recycling?       
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