Plastic organisation

 Look at all that horrible plastic mess!
I’m almost ashamed to show how much plastic I still have.
I know I’m always talking about deplasticing my house and 
I try really hard to remove as much plastic from our home as possible. 
However I do still have some plastic containers.
Ok so my excuses;
 Mr Ecochick sometimes takes lunch to work and so it’s easier for him to take plastic containers to work in case they get broken or left at work.
Little John still drops things and so it’s easier to give him food/ treats in plastic containers so I don’t constantly have to pick up broken glass. 
So when we made the new pantry I was able to clean this drawer out 
and now I have a plastics drawer.
I went through the plastic containers and got rid of the containers without lids.
{actually I gave the containers to dad to use when he’s working on his car}
I matched all the lids and containers together 
and stored them so they are easy to get to and use.
I also added all John’s cups and bowls in here.
I like it all nice and tidy and out of sight.
 I look forward to the day when I can get rid of all my plastic containers.
But for now they are organised.   
Madeleine  x
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