Plastic free shopping update

My second shopping trip inĀ plastic free July and I’ve managed to only bring home 2 bits of plastic; a sour cream container (that I can reuse) and a cheese wrapper (I cant find unwrapped cheese for under $10/kg). I had to do an essentials shop as we were out of all the essentials; tins of tomatoes, wholemeal flour, plain flour and high grade flour due to all the bread we’re making.
I did have a moment of panic when mum asked me to buy some meat for her from the deli counter. However my local Pak n Sav now has brown paper bags to put your deli produce in so ask if your supermarket does the same or better still bring your own containers.
Actually I’m enjoying the challenge of plastic free July; it has really made me rethink when I’m shopping and about items I’m bringing into our home. It has also challenged me to rethink about food items as to whether we need them or if it’s just a want that I don’t really need. Now to learn how to make some marshmallows as I wouldn’t buy them for John today as they come wrapped in plastic.
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