Plastic free food storage

nz_glass_livingI wanted to share how I store food without using plastic containers. My favourite option is glass containers. I love glass. I love everything about it. I love how durable glass is, how it can handle all temperatures from the oven to the fridge and then to the freezer and as a plate. I always buy glass over plastic when buying food as well. Our home is like a glass black hole once glass enters it never leaves. Ha ha. Mr Ecochick gets sick of all the glass jars and bottles in our cupboards but they are just so useful! Some of these jars are used to store leftovers in or anything else I want to freeze. My chest freezer is filled with glass jars of all shapes and sizes.

nz_eco_familyMy fantastic pantry is full of more jars. I love looking at my pantry and seeing all my food safe and protected in glass. Recently we had ants in the pantry but they couldn’t get into the glass jars and seem to have given up. Some of my jars have metals lids but I did have to buy plastic lids for some as I couldn’t get the right threading in metal boo.

nz_glass_storageI bought some wonderful glass containers these had clip on lids that yes are plastic but they stay really strong and have been used for over a year now and are still going amazingly well. I love these glass containers as I can cook/ bake food/ cakes in them, put them in the fridge/ freezer and even eat from them. I have a bunch of different shapes and sizes and these rock.


Another great way to save money and use glass bottles is to make your own milk from milk powder. We save so much money and stop heaps of plastic coming into our home by not buying plastic milk bottles. I love using glass and not plastic bottles.

nz_eco_livingAnother thing we do is if there is leftover food we put them in a bowl and put a plate on top then pop this in the fridge to be eaten at layer date.

I do so love glass. I love that it can go in the dishwasher and be used over and over again and then be completely recycled. Glass how I love thee.


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