Plastic free cheese

Plastic free cheese, woop woop plastic free cheese. Let me say it again plastic free cheese. Fist pump!! I’m so excited that I have found plastic free cheese at the same price as plastic wrapped cheese. When we’re talking about cheese I mean your standard run of the mill mild cheese not the flash cheese as you can buy that without plastic but we go through about one kg a week so I wasn’t going to spend heaps of money. So I am super happy to announce I have found bring your own container plastic free cheese.
Where you ask? Why at your local supermarket!! I know crazy right!?! Mr Ecochick and have been all over town trying to find decently priced plastic free cheese then we remember in the old days you could buy it from the supermarkets so off to the supermarket I went (in this case it was my local Countdown but your supermarket might do it too just ask) and after a bit of explaining what I wanted (yes they looked at me like I was mad and I had to explain it to three different people but we got there in the end!). So I showed the deli staff my glass container and explained to them I wanted to buy cheese without plastic on it and could they cut me some from the big block they get in to cut and wrap in store. You will only find this type of cheese at supermarkets that sell the cut and glad wrapped cheese blocks. So this processes was a little complicated in that I had to come back after the weekend but I’m sure we’ll be able to sort out a system in the future.
I LOVE opening my fridge and seeing my cheese in my glass container. Woop woop what fun! One more plastic item removed from my home and life. So if we all go on mass to our local supermarkets and asked them to cut our cheese for us to put in our own containers we can start a plastic free cheese revolution. Woohoo!!! Go on! Join the cheese revolution!
PS During the “photo shoot” for this post John and I were outside and John had a piece of cheese in his hand since he is such a cheese beast. Naughty Chive came along and stole the cheese out of his hand. John was speechless. Was so super funny!!
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