Plastic everywhere!!!

There is plastic, plastic and more plastic EVERYWHERE!! It’s driving me crazy seeing all this plastic around. Plastic free July was so eye opening; literally and figuratively; I can now see all the plastic around and it’s just so painful and making me super MAD. Call me crazy {I’m sure you are right now!} but I really am finding all this plastic so frustrating!!
I saw a guy at the store the other day with lettuce in a bag then he put this in a plastic bag. I really had to stop myself from saying do you really need to that bag or shaking him. Might be time to take a breather!!! Breath in, breath out!!!
Stranger still I find my plastic repulsion (almost hatred) strangely liberating. Crazy since plastic has its place and I do still use it but I hate how over used plastic is. People so take plastic for granted. Why do shops wrap food in plastic, then put it in a plastic bag then we taking it home for both to be thrown out or if lucky put in the recycle bin. Oh dears I’m turning into one of “those” people!!! Soon no one will want to be friend’s with me!
This is the container from my lunch from yesterday. I went to a yummy sushi place and ate there but they had no plates to use so I had to use their plastic container which they told me to then throw out. They don’t even have or use a recycle bin though our council has a great recycling programme. I can assure you I did hit them out about this I could see the look in their eyes “this lady be loco!” but I didn’t care I was just so disgusted by the whole thing. So I took the plastic home and washed it then put it in my recycle bin.
Does anyone else do this? does anyone else feel so strongly about this? and well quite frankly I’m rather peeved by the whole thing? Or have I completely lost the plot?
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