Plaiting garlic

I planted garlic last year but the cloves only doubled in size and didn’t really grow extra cloves. This year my garlic was a rather different story. I’m not sure why my garlic was more impressive this year; maybe it was the mushroom compost? or rabbit poop? or better stock of garlic cloves (though I got these and last years cloves from the same place). Either way my bulbs were rather impressive. Home grown garlic has such an amazing flavour and so worth growing. I’ve always wanted to grow garlic so that I can plait it!!    
Plaiting garlic is not as easy as it might appear!!! I’ll try and share how I did it (below you’ll find a really useful video as well). I took my garlic out of the ground with a fork and then left the garlic to dry for about a week in the sun. I hung the garlic upside down as I read this means the water in the steams is not drained into the bulbs.
Once the garlic was dry. I cut off the roots and removed the top layer of dirt and any mouldy skins. 
I chose three bulbs and tied them together with a rubber band. I then plaited the steams once as you would plait hair. Once I had crossed one stem across the others I added another bulb then crossed another stem then added another garlic bulb and so forth. When I added a bulb I added this to the centre stem.
I know this is rather complicated and very fiddly but it is well worth it. My plait was rather messy but boy am I proud!!
Hang your garlic in a dark place cut off bulbs as you need them. I am very proud of my garlic!!! I can’t wait to eat some. Yummy!!!!
For clearer details watch this fantastic video.
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