Piping bag

It was John’s birthday on Saturday and he requested a Lala cake (his favourite soft toy is a tiger; well lion now as he has been washed so many times he no longer has strips). So I borrowed a lion cake tin from a friend of mum’s. Mr Ecochick made a yummy banana cake we let it cool overnight and I piped the icing.
I made some yellow and chocolate icing and scooped the icing into a ziplock bag. I sealed the top then pushed the icing to one of the corners of the bag. Then I cut a small amount (you only want to cut a tiny bit) off the corner of the bag and you have yourself a quick easy piping bag.
I washed the bags and can reuse them next time though one popped so I washed it and recycled it. I don’t think I did a bad a job.
 John was very happy with his Lala cake.
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