Peg tin

 I’ve been using an old ice cream container to keep all our pegs in.
It’s not pretty but it’s been practical. 
I decided to get my craft on and turn a paint tin into my new peg tin.
I bought the paint tin for little John to play with 
but I found a better one for him so I got this one. 
 I sprayed the tin with my favourite etching primer. 
I had to do three coats as one just wasn’t enough.
It pays to do several light coats rather than a thick one.
If you put it on too thick you get yucky runs. Grrr. 
 I downloaded a cool old fashioned peg from the graphics fairy.
I used the same transfer mod podge technique that I used on my French pots.
This time I left my picture on overnight to 
allow the picture to transfer over completely. 
It still rubbed a little bit of the picture off but it looks great.
I sealed the picture with some mod podge.
I found an old hook floating around the house 
so have used it to hang my peg tin on great to have it up high
and not have to constantly pick up pegs from the ground.   
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