Peach jam lots and lots of peach jam!

I love peach jam I really don’t know why shops don’t sell this! It’s so easy to make but this time round I did things a little different as was instructed by a lady selling jam at a fair I went to. So a new recipe for my peach jam.

Peach jam:

5 kg golden queen peaches

1 cup lemon juice

3 kg sugar

peach_jam_nzChop the peaches into pieces and put into a large pan (I have my mum’s old jam pan I love that it’s so big). Add the skin, pips and all. Simmer the peaches, stirring occasionally to make sure the peaches don’t burn. 

peach_jam_nzOnce the peaches start to release their juice and becomes transparentish add the lemon juice. Simmer for another 10 minutes.  

Remove the pips and then either put the pulp through a mouli (I scored this one from my mother in law! I love it! it even clips onto the pan) or mash with a masher or put through a blender depending on the consistency you want your jam to be. 
Now weigh your pulp to work out how much sugar to add. 
Put the pulp back in the pan and add sugar. Simmer. Stir constantly so the sugar doesn’t burn. 
Once the sugar has dissolved test to see if the jam is ready by adding a drop of jam on a plate. Put the plate in the fridge for a minute if the jam sticks to the plate and doesn’t run the jam is ready. 
Peach jam will always be slightly runnier than other jams so the jam will run a little down the plate but once it is more solid and doesn’t run down the plate as fast the jam is ready. 
Pour the jam into sterile jars with a ladle.
You’ll need to wear thick gloves when pouring the jam into the jars as both the jam and jars are super hot.  
Once the jar is full add the lid and put the jar upside down until the jam is cold.  
Once the jam is cold turn the jars the right way up and push the tab (button) on the jars in. If the jars have sealed properly the button will stay indented. If any do not seal properly put these in the fridge and eat these first or give away to friends. 
Enjoy. This jam is amazing with hot cross buns.
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