Passionfruit garden

My first passionflower has opened today. WOW these are THE MOST beautiful flower in the world. They are just so amazing with their beautiful thin purple and white petals. I am so happy with the garden on the patio. I planted it back in November and since have added a lemon balm, lemon grass and sweet marjoram. All the plants are super happy in this hot garden. Even the original passionfruit I planted has sprouted leaves so it looks like we’ll have two passionfruits to eat from. The more the better. 

I love this “arty farty” (as he calls it) photo that Mr Ecochick took. I think this photo shows how badass this flower is and boy doesn’t it know it!

Even more exciting we already have a fruit developing. I have to say though the leaves around the fruit are kind of creepy; very alien like.

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